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Don't Get Bucked...Get the Look for Less

Who wouldn't want to look like a prince or a princess? It can be easy to mimic a famous person's style even when you're on a budget. Here's an example...

Who wouldn't want to look like a prince or a princess? It can be easy to mimic a famous person's style even when you're on a budget. Here's an example of how you could look like Meghan Markle; without having the bankroll of a princess!

Most fashion magazines have a "Get the Look for Less" spread where beautiful pieces are highlighted being worn by multi-millionaires, then similar, affordable pieces that are within the grasp of the average person.  Who wouldn't want to look like a million bucks? No one truly aspires to look like they just walked out of a discount store even if that is what their budget allows.  

A common misconception with Western Apparel is that a good pair of boots are expensive.  Certainly expensive is a subjective idea; while $100 is a lot to one person another may have no issue with dropping a cool $1,000 on a basic pair of boots. So what makes one more expensive than another?  Take the Eve Grey Bootie by Miron Crosby.  

Eve Grey by Miron Crosby

This is a hand-made pair of boots one could purchase either from the designer directly or from a high-end website.  These python beauties at $1,600.  Python is a very thin and delicate skin.  No matter what you do the snake skin will turn yellow over time.  This boot is stunning, however compare it to the Ariat Dixon:

Metallic Snakeskin Dixon by Ariat

The Ariat Metallic Snakeskin Dixon is not made of python skin however it is genuine leather with a fully leather sole.  The look and feel of this bootie is similar to the Eve Grey and it comes in at $180. It is practically a tenth of the cost of the boutique bootie and yet it will endure over time as it won't turn yellow and it will only become softer and more comfortable. It has the cool factor of looking great with skinny jeans, boot cut jeans or shown with a billowy dress as has become popular this year.

Another option is the Anahi Fringe bootie by Tony Lama. This bootie features gorgeous blush coral tones with flirty fringe.  It is fully leather and, like the Dixon will only improve with age.  This bootie is only $150 and comes with the highly regarded Tony Lama pedigree.  This bootie looks amazing worn with black boot cut or trouser jeans but would be a show stopper when worn with shorts on the dance floor.

Anahi Fringe bootie by Tony Lama

Do you think you could pick the more expensive boot out of a line up?  Here are two boots:  One costs $139 and the other $1,800.  

Which one is $139?

Can you pick out the "Cactus Cowboy" Boot by Justin or the "Paty" by Miron Crosby?  The one that will set you back a lot more is the one on the right.  But, what makes this boot so expensive?  Does it come with a gently used sedan?  It is leather, not special in any way other than it comes from a boutique designer.  The look of the Justin boot is more retro with a suede foot.

Let's try it with a men's boot:  Below are two "Roper" boots.  The roper is characterized by a low walking heel, a rounded toe and a shorter shaft or top part.  They are famous for being supremely comfortable.  Which one is $950 and which one is $159?

Which one is $950?

The on on the left is the "Juanito" by Miron Crosby which is listed at $950 and the Justin Roper is on the right is only $159. Both are all leather.  The Juanito is sold alone; it doesn't come with a horse.

At our store the average boot can be purchased for around $150.  Some are more, and many are less. You do not have to spend a small fortune to get a great pair of boots.  

Additionally, more basic boots have a more authentic look.  When you look at high-end boots many of them have lost their way; they look fake, contrived, like they were designed by someone who knows shoes- not boots.  

At our store you'll find boots that look like a million bucks but don't cost a million.  None of the uber expensive boots in this article are for sale in our store. We promise you'll get more for your buck at our store! You can expect quality and of course personalized service.  Nothing makes us happier than to have a customer try on our boots and find the perfect fit for both their foot AND their wallet.  We pride ourselves on knowledgable, friendly service with a smile.  You can find all of the less expensive boots in this article in-store or online.


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