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Best Boots for Dancing

So you want to go country line dancing?  We know which boots are the best for dancing because we not only sell them but we wear them too!Do you have...

So you want to go country line dancing?  We know which boots are the best for dancing because we not only sell them but we wear them too!

Do you have to wear boots?

The long and short answer is no.  We LOVE seeing people line dance in boots but also understand that some people need to wear sneakers or other footwear for physical or financial reasons.  It just seems a little strange to us to not wear boots but we won't judge.

What kind of boots are for dancing?

The best boots for dancing have a leather sole. When you are dancing you need to be able to slide to the right or left easily and with a leather sole you'll be able to glide across the dance floor. Some folks mistakenly think this is wooden soles.  There are no wooden soled boots that we know of. 

Most boots have either a leather or rubber out sole.  There are some soles that are made of a rubber composite sole which is also ok for dancing however it is not the best. You still can dance with a composite rubber sole but it is not ideal.  We find that composite sole boots work when doing line dances but for partner dancing a leather sole is preferred.  Stay away from a boot that has an out sole with rubber grips like the kinds frequently seen in work boots.  They are great if you don't want to move at all as the grips will hold you in place!

What brands of boots are good for dancing?

For years many women have touted the beauty, looks, and comfort of Corral Boots.  These beauties are made in Mexico and are frequently adorned with crystals, studs, sequins, and more.  They are show-stoppers on the dance floor.  These boots have come a long way from earlier editions which were not as comfortable.  Most of them are fully leather however you will occasionally find a style or two that have a small rubber inset on the out sole.  Just make sure you inspect the boot fully before you commit.  We have a bunch of beautiful Corral Boots in stock including these beautiful boots:

Women's Studded Overlay Snip Toe Boot by Corral A3937


Women's Wild Fringe Snip Toe Boot by Corral A3854

The Corral Boot brand is synonymous with country line dancing.  You'll find them out on the dance floor pretty much anywhere.  While we love them there's a couple of things you need to know before you buy them.  First, they are pricey.  Their good looks aren't cheap so keep that in mind if you fall in love with that blinged out pair be ready to shell out some serious bucks.  Our Corral Boots typically fall in the $250-300 range.  Sometimes you'll get lucky and find a discontinued style that is marked down.  We always suggest looking in the "Last Call" section or in the clearance section.  You can save big when you purchase boots that are in our clearance section.  Secondly, sometimes they are ankle biters.  That's when the sides of the boot sink in and irritate the skin around your ankle.  This happens because there are typically four pieces of leather that come together at the side of your ankle.  The bending of your legs causes the boot to move and sometimes you'll get a boot that is uncomfortable around the ankle due to this issue.  This is easy to fix!  First, wear socks that cover your ankle.  Second, push a sock down into the sock on the side that is worse.  You need to create a barrier when you're wearing them so that your boot doesn't rub on your leg.  Third, take a softball or any other item that will push out the sides of the boot when you're not wearing them.  Leave them like that when you're not wearing them.  Over time this issue should disappear.


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