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Caring for Your Boots

How to Get the Most out of your Boots! Introduction Regularly cleaning your leather cowboy boots not only keeps them looking great, but also preserves and protects them so that...

How to Get the Most out of your Boots!


Regularly cleaning your leather cowboy boots not only keeps them looking great, but also preserves and protects them so that you can enjoy them for many years to come. To keep your cowboy boots performing their best, we’ve put together some quick pointers to help you properly clean and care for your boots. By cleaning, conditioning, and caring for your boots properly, you're getting the most bang for your buck! Quality boots are an investment, so care should be a priority. 

Cleaning your Boots 

   One of the most important aspects of cowboy boot care is cleaning them off after a long day on the ranch. When you know how to clean leather cowboy boots, you can keep them looking great and preserve them for a long time.
    Cleaning your boots is something that varies with each wearer. For example, someone wearing their cowboy boots daily may need to do a thorough clean and condition every few months, whereas a casual wearer may only undergo this process once a year.
    Before you start cleaning, you'll want to have the following items on hand:
  • A damp towel
  • A soft bristled brush
  • A dry cloth
  • A bottle of leather cleaner and or conditioner
   Rub your damp cloth on the lower section of your boots to remove any dirt or mud that might exist. If you come across stubborn particles that are tough to wipe off, try using an old toothbrush to loosen them. During this step, you can also use your soft bristled brush to remove scuffs. Then, allow your boots to dry.


   Avoid drying your boots with direct heat because this can cause them to crack. Instead, let them air dry naturally. If your boots have been completely saturated with water, you can remove their insoles and use paper towels to dry them inside and out.


      Once your boots have dried, it's time to get to cleaning. We recommend using the Bick 4 Leather Conditioner for this step. This product will help gently remove stains, spills, spots and other substances that could otherwise harm the leather. Using the applicator sponge that comes with this product, proceed to gently scrub a thin layer of cleanser onto your boots. When you've finished this, give your boots a few minutes to dry and look good as new.


    After cleaning your boots, you can move on to conditioning them. If you've ever wondered how to soften cowboy boots, here's your chance to learn.

Start by taking a dry cloth or sponge and dabbing it in a leather conditioner. A product like Bick 4 Leather Conditioner will do the trick. Using small, circular motions, rub the conditioner into the boot. Begin at the bottom of the boot and work your way up.


      As you go about this process, you'll want to make sure the conditioner is fully absorbed. For example, if your boots still feel dry after rubbing the conditioner on them, you may need to apply more of the product. Conditioning your boots in this way will create a soft, moisturized look and feel and keep them in good shape.

When Only Waterproof will do! 

    Many of the cleaners/conditioners we carry in store and online do add waterproofing properties to the boot, but sometimes you just need a little more 'umph'! From riding in the pouring rain to dealing with unruly cattle in the mud, your cowboy boots are designed to survive the rough and tumble kind of life. However, if you're not careful, the leather in your boots can become stretched, cracked and discolored from water exposure. Cowboy boot care, like waterproofing, helps them retain their shape and avoid smelling like mildew.


   We recommend using a conditioner that uses waterproofing oils, or this Fiebings Water Protector Aerosol to waterproof your boots. The aerosol waterproofing spray is simply sprayed on the outside of the boot, and after it is allowed to dry-the product is then resistant to water, dirt, and stains! Truly a miracle product. 

Shine, Shine, Shine! 

  For some, a shiny boot is a happy boot! While not a necessary step in your boot care routine, it can certainly bring a lot of life back into an old, lackluster pair.You'll want to use a wax-based neutral polish during this task, like Scout's Boot Cream Neutral (or Scout's Boot Cream Brown, or Scout's Boot Cream Black, depending on the color of the boot). 
   Begin by applying a thin coat of polish to the parts of the boots you want to shine. Make sure a slightly shiny layer covers every targeted area. After the polish dries, proceed to brushing it off with a soft cloth. Using a horsehair brush, buff the polished areas to create a beautiful shine.


Exotic leathers should be treated very delicately while you are cleaning and conditioning them. Exotic leathers require a more gentle and thorough technique than your typical leather. To extend the life of your premium exotic leather boots, it is imperative to keep your boots cleaned, hydrated, and moisturized with quality treatments, conditioners, and oils.It is highly recommended to use cleaners and conditioners specifically designed for exotic boots, unless otherwise recommended.   Ostrich, caiman, and pirarucu cowboy boots may require more frequent care and more diligence when it comes to conditioning, but the process is much the same as caring for cow’s leather. It is also recommended to clean and condition with the grain rather than against the grain. 

   Lastly, boot storage can also make a huge difference in the quality and longevity of your cowboy boots. We recommend storing your boots upright, with boot trees inside to ensure that no moisture gets trapped in the boot, and to prevent creases from forming. 


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