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Open Letter to the Lady Buying Boots in a Chain Feed Store

Dear Nameless One,You don't know me but I want you to know I feel sorry for you. As I rounded the corner to check out with my cat, dog, and...

Dear Nameless One,

You don't know me but I want you to know I feel sorry for you. As I rounded the corner to check out with my cat, dog, and bird food I was startled to see the cashier stuffing your new boots into cheap plastic bags.  My heart sank.  Not one, but two pair of boots plus some pieces of clothing just jammed into the bottom of the cheap plastic bag.  I immediately asked myself, why would anyone buy boots at a chain feed store?  Believe me, I have nothing against chain feed stores.  We all need to keep our critters well-fed but buying boots there too?  I've never understood why there are shirts, cowboy hats, jewelry, and other such merchandise in the same place you can buy fertilizer and bolts.  They just don't mix.  

In our store we sell clothing, boots, belts, accessories, and more.  We don't sell trash bags or weedkiller.  I'm certain most people would find it odd seeing such a mixture of products so why don't we question it at our local chain feed store?  I suppose some people find it convenient; a one stop shop. I get that notion as we are all busier every day but honestly to plop yourself down on a bench and guess at your proper boot fit is really short-changing yourself.

Our store is different from the moment you step inside.  The sweet smell of leather wafts through the air and you may hear such country greats as Dolly Parton or Johnny Cash. A warm smile and greeting can be expected.  Our sales people are knowledgeable and helpful. We pride ourselves on offering a huge amount of styles of boots that fit just about any budget.  We hand-pick all of our boots and always offer competitive pricing. Once you're in we will see to it that you are fit properly and that you are 100% happy with your purchase.  We pride ourselves on knowing how a boot should fit.  We don't just sell boots we match you with your perfect boot.  You will love our personalized and attentive service.  We don't work on commission so rest assured you won't be pressured to buy.

In the feed store, after you guess at your size you also should know that this chain buys styles that may not be the same as you'd find in our store.  Make sure when you compare prices you are sure you're looking at the same product.  They often purchase styles that are not available to the smaller, non-chain stores.  Sometimes the styles they have are inferior.  You should also know that we price match.  I am still confused why you'd buy your boots in a chain/feed store.  

Maybe you didn't know that there was not only one but two amazing Western apparel stores within 5 minutes.  Both are family-owned and both have been in business since the 1950's.  Both of the owners are third generation and both are women.  Between the two stores the local school system gets enough funding to put at least 4 students through school.  The feed/chain store does pay taxes but they are corporately-owned and the owners do not live in the area.

So, sadly you missed out on the great experience of buying boots.  You missed out on supporting small businesses.  You missed out on getting the correct fit.  You MAY have picked up that log-splitter on your trip but it doesn't make up for what you missed out on.

Please, I beg local, small business; you can make time to pick up your cat food.




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