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How to Choose the Best Boots for You

How to Choose the Best Boots for Your Needs- Fit and Function March 7, 2022  Introduction You don't have to ride a horse to be able to wear cowboy boots....

How to Choose the Best Boots for Your Needs- Fit and Function

March 7, 2022 


You don't have to ride a horse to be able to wear cowboy boots. As many of us are well aware, this style of boot has long been a staple of western culture. They're not only fashionable, but they're also practical for all different sorts of activities.

One of the biggest myths about cowboy boots is that they're supposed to be uncomfortable. This is simply untrue; if you know what to look for in a cowboy boot, then you can easily find yourself a pair that's both stylish and comfortable, and suit for what you will be wearing it for. Keep on reading to learn everything you need to know to find yourself the right pair of cowboy boots! 

Fit is everything!

   Most cowboy boot brand's sizes run slightly differently-varying from style to style- meaning that you can never truly know your exact cowboy boot size. Your cowboy boots will fit slightly differently than you are used to with your everyday loafers or sneakers. With any cowboy boot, you want to make sure that the boot is snug at the instep and ball of the foot. Fit is everything when it comes to a boot- and if your fit is not correct we can throw the other fine details to the wayside! 

        Even if you get a pair of cowboy boots that fit just right, you still may have to where them for shorter periods of time at first (to avoid discomfort)- and allow them to conform to your unique foot shape! This isn't a sign that you should be returning your purchase, or anything to be alarmed by; you can make your cowboy boots fit more comfortably by altering which kind of sock you wear, replacing insoles, amongst other things- as well as just allowing them to break in properly! 

Rubber Versus Leather Sole

   What kind of sole you choose should be based upon what you plan to use your cowboy boots for! 

    For example, rubber soles are thicker and will generally last longer than leather soles. The only real downside to purchasing a boot that sports a leather sole is that rubber soled boots cannot be resoled unless they have a specific type of welt. Rubber soles are more suitable for dangerous environments such as construction sites and for people who are constantly on their feet.

      Leather sole boots are generally more saught after  for dancing since rubber sole shoes canno glide across the dance floor with the same ease. That being said, leather sole boots are slippery until the soles scuff up from use, and, if you aren't used to them, can take some getting used to. 

What Kind of Toe and Heel Would be Right for You?

    Someone not so familiar with the western ways of life and fashion-may not be aware of all of the options that are available to them.

     In theory the boots should fit the same since the toe box will make the pointed toes longer than the round or square toe styles. With any toe box, pointed toe, round toe, or other, you want to make sure that your toes aren't cramped. Whereas you can break in other parts of the boot to improve the fit, you can't change the size of the toe box. For example, someone with a wider set foot may fare better with a wide square toe boot as opposed to a snip toe boot, which is much more narrow.

    When it comes to the heel, you have more than one option as well; whether it be a riding heel, walking heel, or other, you are going to want to choose a style that is comfortable and gives the look you want.


Women's Heritage R Toe

Help-Heel Slippage! 

      It's normal for your heels to slip a little bit in a brand new pair of cowboy boots, especially boots manufactured with a hard leather sole. This slippage will fade away as your boots break in, so don't size down if you're experiencing a little slippage-this is normal! Your boots are designed to mold to the shape of your feet as time passes, which in turn will cause heel slippage to happen less and less.

       The general rule of thumb that is used is that you should allow just under a half-inch to a quarter-inch of slippage in your cowboy boots.

What Kind of Leather Do You Want for  Your Boot?

    Here at Cowtown Cowboy Outfitters, we carry an array of exotic and non-exotic leather boots- from traditional cow hide to things a bit more exciting, such as alligator boots, caiman boots, ostrich boots, and python boots! For daily and/or work wear, a traditional leather would be much more suitable for you. However, if you're on the market for a pair of boots that make more of a statement-and have a bit more flair- you may be more pleased with something along the lines of an exotic!

Small Embellishments 

       Once you have an idea for the basic silhouette, it’s time to consider the small details that will set your cowboy boots apart from the rest. Details that show your personal style! From fringe and rhinestones, to stitching and inlay, there are thousands of options and combinations.

Look at The Lining Inside of the Boot

      Something as seemingly insignificant as the lining of the inside of a pair of cowboy boots can make a difference in comfort. If the seams on the inside of the boot are covered with lining, that'll keep the seams from rubbing up against your legs and make them overall more comfortable. Additionally, cowboy boots made with leather lining are ideal especially for hot climates because the leather lining doesn't trap heat as much as cloth lining would, and synthetic leather is the worst lining since it won't breathe at all.

Get Your First Pair of Cowboy Boots Today!

     Now that you've made it to the end of this article, you should be well on your way to your next pair! Come visit us in store and have our knowledgeable employees fit you in the perfect boot for you. Happy Shopping! 


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