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Dress Like John Dutton

Zan Leigh February 2022 Want to Look like John Dutton? You Can Look Like John Dutton Yellowstone fever has reached an all-time high as viewers can't get enough of the...

Zan Leigh
February 2022

Want to Look like John Dutton?

You Can Look Like John Dutton

Yellowstone fever has reached an all-time high as viewers can't get enough of the TV drama featuring Kevin Costner.  This series has highlighted American's love for all things Western much like the movie "Urban Cowboy" did in the 70's.  If you're in love with all things Yellowstone we are here to break down how to look like you just stepped off the set.
This is an iconic look for John Dutton.  The cowboy hat really tops off his look.
John Dutton is the family patriarch who is a high-powered land owner.  His outfits consist of both casual Western and fancy- "going into town" Western.  As seen in the first photo a great hat is required.  
10X Fur Western Cowboy Hat A7640001

The Ariat Black 10X Fur Cowboy Hat is a great looking hat. The higher the X rating = the higher quality.

Sometimes John wears a natural colored cowboy hat. Here you can see a similar hat.  His is somewhat dusty- no doubt due to the harsh ranch conditions.  
10x Beaver Cowboy Hat
To get this look check out the Ariat 10X Beaver Fur Cowboy Hat in natural.

In this photo you'll see John Dutton getting ready to go to a more formal event:

The jacket John is wearing is similar to our Lubbock jacket.  This jacket is a favorite among our many wedding parties. It really tops off a great pair of Cinch or Ariat jeans.  It has subtle Western styling such as the pointed yokes on the front.
Lubbock Pointed Yokes Western Sport Coat by Circle S CC4515-15
In this every day look John is wearing a canvas coat. His style is basic; clearly he focuses on function over form. We can appreciate this look with the layers of warm clothing.
To recreate this look the Outback Trading Arkansas Shirt Jacket is the perfect piece.
Arkansas Shirt Jacket in Navy by Outback
This shirt jacket is a perfect layering piece that will look great with a vest over top to keep the chill of the night out!

For Cowboy boots, John Dutton keeps it simple.  As you can see below he's wearing a basic "J" toe boot.  This is a very common type of cowboy boot.  Many people find these more comfortable than the super pointed boots.  With all the miles John puts on his boots we're sure comfort is key.

The bottom of John's boot is leather.  This is the best for comfort however if you're spending hours in mud and muck then a man-made sole is best for you.
Silverlake DI 338 Tan Boot

Our Silverlake boot as seen here is a great all-around boot that features a "J" toe and a man-made sole. It is shown here in basic brown but is also available in black or tan.

John Dutton is commonly seen wearing a vest.  The vest is an integral part of his look as it adds necessary warmth when it's chilly in the early morning hours.
Men's Banyan Bark/Southwest Crius Insulated Vest By Ariat 10037546
Our Ariat vest is a great addition to your wardrobe with the Aztec detail on the top.  It looks great with a variety of shirts and of course your favorite jeans.

As seen in the photo below, John is never without a great pair of jeans.  

John Dutton
We love the Ariat M5 Jean as it is slim and straight leg. It will go over your boots without a problem.  The fading makes them look like they are well-worn even when they're brand new.
M5 Slim Straight Stretch Stillwell Jeans 10021879
Last but not least is the iconic Western snap front shirt as seen in this photo.  John is your typical Wrangler denim shirt kind of a guy.  These shirts are only better over time as they soften and get more comfortable with each wearing.  
John Dutton Work Shirt
Our Wrangler blue work shirt is the perfect shirt for comfort and style.  
Antique Blue Work Shirt by Wrangler MS1039W
In conclusion, to look like John Dutton is really pretty simple.  Here are the details:

  • A cowboy hat
  • A basic layering jacket 
  • A pair of jeans
  • A basic layering jacket
  • A pair of cowboy boots
  • A denim shirt

For more formal events a suit jacket is suggested.

At Cowtown Cowboy Outfitters we are dedicated to finding the best in Western Wear.  We've been around since 1958 and like Dutton Ranch, we're family owned and operated.  You can shop these looks at our store that is open seven days a week or online at


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