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special orders

As much as we try, it is impossible for us to carry all the products that are available from all of the companies whose products we carry. We will gladly special order an item for you that we do not normally carry in the store. Full payment is required at the time of the order and is nonrefundable. We do not charge you shipping from the manufacturer on these items, that is included in the ordering price. We will gladly fit you prior to ordering so that we get the best fit possible. We have catalogs from many of our manufactures that you are welcome to look through, we keep them behind the counter for convenience. Most special orders are shipped to us within a two week period. Occasionally, companies experience manufacturing problems and the delivery may be delayed. When we place the order we normally ask the availablity of the item and if it will be delayed beyond the two week period we will notify you. If the time frame is not satisfactory for you, we will then refund your payment and cancel the order. If we are out of stock on an item we normally carry in the store, we will order that item for you with no deposit or payment required and call you when the item comes in.