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care tips

boot care

Getting Rid of Dirt

Use a damp cloth and wipe the boot. It is best to not use any sort of harsh chemical cleaning compound because the chemicals can discolor the boot.

Ingrained Dirt
If you haven't cleaned your boots in a while using a damp cloth may not necessarily get all of the dirt off the boot, especially if the dirt has some clay in it. For tough dirt, apply some Saddle Oil to the boot. The oil greatly assists in helping get rid of ingrained dirt while applying a protective coat of oil over the boot. 

It is always a good idea to apply a leather conditioner to your boots. The conditioner helps to prevent the boot from drying out and also helps keep the boot soft. If it has been a while since you've done this to your boots, more than one application may be necessary. It is better to have two thin coats of conditioner than one thick coat. 

Water Protector
High quality leather cowboy boots are basically waterproof. However, from time to time you will want to apply some water protector to the boot to help keep water running off the boot instead of being absorbed into the leather. Most good quality leather conditioners provide for water repellency. 

To get your boots, even old ones, nice and shiny, use some Boot Cream Polish along with a Boot Shine Cloth. 

Drying Your Boots
One of the worst things you can do to a cowboy boot is to place it next to a high heat source to dry, like a wood stove or fireplace. Rather than torturing your boots, if your boots are wet, let them air dry or, better yet, place them in a boot dryer. Using a boot dryer is easy and efficient. Just set the dryer into the boot and turn it on. The dryer than simply blows up lukewarm air into the boot, which will dry the boot without ruining the leather. 

hat care

Store your hat upside down on its crown to help keep its shape. High heat can cause the sweatband on a cowboy hat to shrink. As the sweatband shrinks this causes the hat itself to shrink also. A cowboy hat left exposed to high heat for extended periods may no longer fit. To avoid this, never leave your hat in a car or the trunk during warm weather or near other high heat sources. The best place to store your hat is in a hat box. If you wear your hat frequently you can store your hat on a hat rack

Avoid handling your hat by the crown. If your hands are dirty or oily they will leave spots on the fabric. Always pick up your hat or put it on or take it off by the brim. Adjust your hat by holding the front and back of the brim.

Straw and wool cowboy hats may get wet without any problems. Just be sure that you DO NOT dry them near a heat source. Instead, just let them dry naturally - preferably hanging on a Hat Rack.  Felt cowboy hats, however, are not designed to be used in wet weather. If your felt hat does get wet, flip the sweatband outward and set the hat upside down on its crown to allow it to dry naturally. If you plan on using your hat in rainy weather, consider getting a wool hat instead and/or getting a Rain Cover for your hat.

Straw Hats:
 Use a clean damp cloth or a hat sponge to remove surface dirt. Gently rub counterclockwise towards the back of the hat. To keep the sweatband dry of perspiration and hairdressings, occasionally turn down the sweatband to dry. With the leather sweatband turned out, perspiration and hair oil will evaporate instead of soaking into the hat.

Felt Hats
Use a brim brush to clean the brim of the hat and a crown brush to clean the crowns of the cowboy hat by lifting nap and surface dirt. Use a dark colored hat brush for dark hats and a light colored brush for light hats. Gently move the brush counterclockwise towards the back of the hat. After brushing your hat, use masking tape to remove any remaining lint on your hat. Gently pat your hat with the tape. To keep the sweatband dry of perspiration and hairdressings, occasionally turn down the sweatband to dry. With the leather sweatband turned out, perspiration and hair