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Sheriff Rubberband Shot Gun Item # BGSS

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Seriously most awesome rubber band gun ever!

Escalate your rubber band wars to new heights with the DIY Bandit Guns Pump Shotgun.

Incredibly fun and easy to build, this amazing little pump action rubber band shooter allows you to fling your stretchy ammo up to 25 feet! There are three different firing options: single shot, rapid fire, and shotgun blast.

Single Shot - Pull the trigger to launch a single shot and pump the actuator back to reload the next rubber band.

Rapid Fire - Hold the trigger back while pumping the actuator rapidly to launch an arsenal of rubber bands that nothing can escape.

Shotgun Blast - Pump the actuator until all the rubber bands are at the top and then pull the trigger to fire a scattered blast of rubber bands that will knock over just about anything!

This is an easy to assemble kit, a fun project for you and your child. The Sheriff Shotgun is comprised of a series of laser-cut wood pieces that are easily assembled using a small set of plastic fasteners.

No tools or glue required.

Weight: 1.5 lb

Comes with 100 rubber bands!

Made in the USA


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